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Happy Bastards Smashcore Tour 2004 (Full Movie 30mins)

This video is a 30 minute movie that documents a struggling band, on a small Pacific northwest tour — The Happy Bastards. Recorded in December 2004 it covers the good the bad and the ugly of even the shortest of tours. The story is told through the eyes of the lead singer/guitarist, Christy via excerpts from the tour diary she kept. I toured with the band for this brief tour and somehow in the midst of manning the merch table, I managed to shoot a fair amount of footage. I started editing the video on christmas 2004 and managed to finish most of it after a month or so, unfortunately the last VHS-C tape that was recorded was lost, spent a few months outside in a rainy northwest winter. When I finally got the camera back it was non functional but the tape with the remaining footage was inside. I spent a good month trying to figure out how to fix the camera, at least so the eject would work. Finally, we decided to break the camera open in an attempt to save the tape. Luckily a bit of scotch tape proved to save a majority of the footage. At the present time neither the Happy Bastards or myself have any plans to release this in any medium except the web

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