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Too Broke To Vote (video)

Too Broke to Vote

Everybody I know say they too broke to vote
With all that heavy slave mentally we could’ve broke the boat
Nobody cares about me
Nobody cares about my family
Nobody cares about my folks
So Nobody gets my vote

Nobody for President
That’s my campaign slogan
We got money for wars but can’t feed our homeless
The government is hopeless
It’s like a reality show
The Real lives of the house liars
Starring Anglo Saxon Christians
Change the channel sound like a bunch of arguing bitches
Switch up,
the game-show
AMERICAS Next top corrupt judicial system

For instance, I’m saying look at my options
Voting for office is like picking out which Gun you wanna get shot wit.
These politicians think they battle rappers
And they swear they spitting that hot
Gun control, abortion
Civil liberties, extortion
energy, the economy
Immigration and global warming
But I ain’t feeling the burn
And hell naw I’ll never get trumped
The Clintons had they chance with me, they reason my cuzn still locked up
Mass incarceration it’s still fucked up
3 strikes, 25 to life, nigga good luck
Fuck yo Future
Fuck yo daddy
Fuck yo rights
Fuck yo mentality
In Actuality, the constitution said I was just 3 5ths of a man
What’s stopping them from saying that again?
The top 3 percent
Over the 13th amendment
Minus the 40 acres plus the rest of my reparations
Yeah They doing that new
Government math
Water gate to White water
Call that a government bath
the law was we couldn’t even use the same bathroom
Back then where was your government at?
Behind our backs, ingesting crack in it up
Yup, the government laugh
But in our face they wanna cry and sob
And wonder why we shoot and Rob
But guess what? nothing stops a bullet, like a job

And we Can’t elect without no college

And don’t even get me started about the electoral college
Let’s be honest!

Thats how they really choose the president and that’s facts!
They got y’all confused with these views from republicans and democrats

Liberal or conservative, Man I ain’t none of that.
I’m hungry,
Nigga, where the money at?
Cuz I’m too broke to vote
I’m too broke to cope
I ain’t trying to check no ballots
I’m trying to check this balance on these checking accounts
Y’all being careful
Double checking it counts
But Just like Florida it’s gonna be another miscount
And once they get to this amount they gonna try to dismount.
Flip sides back and forth it’s
Political gymnastics
Like Olympic acrobats
Go for the Gold cuz that’s who makes the rules
And all this pageantry is just designed for fools
They gonna give you the one they choose
To Big to fail
To Rich to lose
And I’m still to broke to vote
So how do we fix this shit then.
Give her away
In the End
Is where it begins.
So I vote we Return the country back to its original owners THE Native Americans!

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